Our Mission

GroveCoin is dedicated to pioneering a sustainable future by integrating green technologies and decentralized finance. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of digital currencies while promoting accessibility, transparency, and resilience.
By fostering a collaborative, eco-conscious community, we strive to create an ecosystem where financial empowerment and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.

Meet the Team

Our collective is composed of industry experts, each exceptional in their respective disciplines. Cumulatively, we hold more than a century's worth of experience spanning retail, business operations, profit and loss accounting, and management, complemented by three decades of expertise in marketing, app development, and graphic design.

We are a dynamic ensemble of over 50 professionals, each a leader in their respective fields. This formidable team is committed to dedicating their skills and efforts to elevate Grove to one of the market's foremost tokens.

Our initial roadmap, designed with an extensive timeframe of over two years, is a testament to our commitment. We're prepared to work relentlessly to realize our vision and make Grove a standout token in the market.

John Ghemrawi

Chief executive officer

Armed with a Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering, John Ghemrawi stands as a highly seasoned Retail Business Leader. His passion lies in cultivating high-performing teams and delivering outstanding business results. In addition to his extensive experience in retail and leadership, he also boasts over five years of expertise in the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrency.

Carlo Di Clemente

Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned business executive, Carlo Di Clemente brings to the table more than three decades of expertise in various domains including retail operations, nationwide product development, marketing, and directorship of large-scale retail franchises. He is driven by a passion for nurturing relationships and generating exceptional customer experiences, a strategy that has consistently yielded remarkable business successes.

Nouha Elmasri

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and content development leader with over seven years experience in B2B and B2C marketing, public relations, content creation and community engagement. Passionate about empowering and supporting teams to think innovatively and deliver outstanding results.


GroveCoin BEP-20: 0xf33893de6eb6ae9a67442e066ae9abd228f5290c
LPToken BEP-20: 0x96fef7f7d5a2302bdd116d47e010689adc1cbce6
GroveCoin ERC-20: 0xf33893de6eb6ae9a67442e066ae9abd228f5290c
LPToken ERC-20: 0x0cae0494ae80d62a5a5843734c40f999d138f035
WGRV GRV: 0xE85f139488c689038028a3EB8fC38dcC29D4C340
USGD GRV: 0x640Bd16C20ddb3B43cb0851C52F15290F324f1E0
USGD LP-GRV: 0x9f07F63a4f0cd82C9b547eA51420A43447b80CEe

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With a supply per chain of 100,000,000 tokens
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