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Where Technology Meets Green.

Grove Ecosystem

Within our Grove Ecosystem, we offer a diverse range of solutions aligned with our mission of blending sustainability and decentralized finance.


At the heart of the GroveCoin ecosystem lies the GroveBlockchain, serving as the bedrock for future advancements in digital finance.


GroveSwap is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange protocol designed for swapping digital assets and cryptocurrencies.


Introducing GroveKeeper - a perfect blend of style, innovation, and high-level security designed to offer our investors a one-of-a-kind wallet experience.


GroveX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to providing a secure, reliable, and efficient digital currency trading experience.


GRVG is a digital asset that's backed by real gold, bridging the gap between the age-old reliability of precious metals and the innovative potential of blockchain technology.

Our Green Mission

Nurturing A Sustainable Future

With rising costs of living, a lack of cultivatable land, and growing water shortages leading to a global food crisis; the environmentally conscious and financially savvy are turning to sustainable agricultural practices.

Residential/Retail Solutions

Our Amazon integrated webstore will provide a range of small to medium scale sustainable technology products and solutions. Accepting both Cryptocurrency and Fiat payments, GroveToken aims to make living green easier than ever before.

Grove Platform Roadmaps


Recognition Phase

Chain-Link Integration

CMC Listing

CoinGecko Terminal Listing

Integration Phase

Pegged Main Coin and Popular Tokens

CC payment integration for GroveChain

Expansion and Exposure

100 project listed on GRV

20 projects paying GRV as reflection on all networks


Launch Phase


Wallet Connect Integration

Feature Building and Expansion Phase

Staking and Farming Support (Multi-Chain)

Multple Wallet Support

Add Custom Chain Support

Direct Buy Main Coins with Credit Card

GroveX Integration


Launch Phase


Spot Trading

Main Stablecoins to/from GRVG Trading

Top-Tier CEX Development Partnership

Expansion and Exposure Phase

200 Tokens Listed For Trade on GroveX

100 GroveChain Tokens Listed for Trade GroveX

Futures Trading

CEX Launchpad

Fiat Off-Ramp

Event Marketing ( Expos, Competitions, etc )

Exposure Marketing ( TV, Radio, Billboards )


Recognition Phase

Play to Earn Development / Partnerships

Metaverse Development / Partnerships

NFT Marketplace (GroveM)

Grove-Brand NFT collection

Further Blockchain Expansion


In Home Hydroponics Store

Commercial Solar Containers

Commercial Farm ARK 2.0

Virtual Solar Farming




Roadmap Disclaimer

This roadmap is intended for informational purposes only.

Where to find GroveCoin ($GRV)

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not without risk.

The GroveZone

Our Partner

We're honoured to announce an official partnership between GroveToken business and a member of the Royal Family of Dubai


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