At the heart of the GroveCoin ecosystem lies the GroveBlockchain, serving as the bedrock for future advancements in digital finance. This EVM-compatible Proof-of-Authority protocol offers both developers and investors an accessible platform and assurance of security, thanks to a robust multi-signature block consensus mechanism.


The GroveBlockchain showcases impressive scalability, boasting a fast 3 seconds per block time and an average of 100 transactions per second, while maintaining one of the industry's smallest circulating supplies.

This advanced technology is integrated with the unique GroveBusiness model, where a substantial share of profits are devoted to a 'Buy-Back and Burn' scheme for GRV coins, thereby promoting scarcity and enhancing future value.

Energy Consumption

In contrast to traditional Proof-of-Work mining protocols, the GroveBlockchain's energy consumption is reduced by up to 99%, reinforcing the environmental sustainability at the core of GroveToken's operations.


Designed with an eye towards the future, the GroveCoin blockchain is poised to illustrate how tomorrow's businesses will navigate the Web3 landscape.


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