Nurturing A Sustainable Future

With rising costs of living, a lack of cultivatable land, and growing water shortages leading to a global food crisis; the environmentally conscious and financially savvy are turning to sustainable agricultural practices. 

Flexible Deployment

Scale easily and efficiently

For All Climates

From -10°C to 45°C

Full Cycle Production

Up to 6000kg Annual Yield

From Seeding to Harvesting 

Sow the seeds and harvest an armful. Seeding, propagation, transplanting, vegetation, and harvest, all-in-one containerized system. 






ARK 2.0 

ARK 2.0 was created to grow local food for local communities. It integrates indoor vertical farming and hydroponics in one shipping container, ready to be deployed under any climate across the globe.


ARK 2.0

Monitor and control temperature, relative humidity, lighting, CO2 concentration, and nutrient ratio through sensors and climate control system. Islands, deserts, highlands, polar regions, or metropolises, ARK 2.0 is applicable in these scenarios as a lab, a demonstration base, or a commercial farm.

Climate System
CO2 Concentration
Humidity Control
Precise Automatic Control 
Lighting System
Nutrient Ratio 

Grow System

Growers can adjust the plant density freely according to the growth phases of plants by capping off unused holes. 

Hosting 5400-18000 Plants

High Density

For propagation

Medium Density

For herbs and other dwarf plants

Low Density 

For leafy greens' vegetative stage

Grow your variety

GroveCoin container farms supports the growth of 300+ varieties: leafy greens, microgreens, fruiting crops, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs.

Setup Wallet

Plant Keeper

Engineers simplify farming procedures by inputting proven metrics to Plant Keeper TM , SANANBIO's proprietary farm management system, which empowers growers with minimum experience to start growing food in a short period of time and monitor farm conditions on their phones. 

Lighting and Nutrients
Airflows and CO2
Humidity and Temperature

Technical Specifications

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