Introducing GroveKeeper - a perfect blend of style, innovation, and high-level security designed to offer our investors a one-of-a-kind wallet experience.

Rest easy with the knowledge that your tokens are insured, providing an unmatched level of assurance in the crypto space.

But that's not all - GroveKeeper also opens up a distinctive Grove NFT marketplace, expanding your opportunities in the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens. Plus, with the addition of PayPass functionality to Grove credit cards, convenience and ease of transactions are at your fingertips.

Superior Security

GroveKeeper uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the safety and integrity of your assets. With GroveKeeper, you have full custody over your keys, providing the highest level of security against third-party threats.

Staking & Yield Farming

GroveKeeper offers seamless access to staking and yield farming opportunities across multiple networks. Earn passive income by participating in the DeFi ecosystem.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

GroveKeeper is compatible with multiple blockchain networks, ensuring you can store, transact, and interact with a wide range of cryptocurrencies and DeFi protocols.

Asset Management

Enjoy the convenience of managing all your DeFi assets from one user-friendly interface. Track your portfolio's performance, manage your assets, and execute trades all from within GroveKeeper.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Swap assets across different chains without leaving the wallet, thanks to our built-in cross-chain interoperability.

DeFi Explorer

Discover new DeFi opportunities with our built-in DeFi explorer. Stay informed about trending projects and opportunities in the DeFi space.

Smart Contracts Interaction

With GroveKeeper, interacting with smart contracts is simple and secure. You can participate in DAOs, lend or borrow assets, and more.


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