Ql. What is GroveTokens Mission?  

Q2. What is GroveToken's utility? 

Q3. What are the Tokenomics? 

Q4. When did Grove Launch? 

Q5. What is the initial total supply?

Q6. What is the value of reflections? How are they paid? Where will I see them 

Q7. How much supply will be burned? When? 

Q8. Who controls the deployer wallet? 

Q9. What is GroveKeeper? When will it be launched? 

Q10. What is GreenOasis? When will it be launched? What is a key difference vs. other exchanges 

Q11. Who is undertaking the smart contract audit? 

Q12. Why is GVR on the BSC smart chain network? What's its benefits vs others 

Q13. What measures have been in place to prevent whales devaluing the token? 

Q14. When will GVR be listed on Coingecko and Coin Market Cap?

Q15. How is GroveToken a Greentoken? Why is it considered eco-friendly? 

Q16. How will Grove contribute to Solar and Hydroponic farming? And how will this benefit Grove Token holders? 

Q17. What Environment Conservation Foundations will we donate to? 

Q18. Why are my Reflections not showing in my wallet? 

Q19. Is staking and farming Grove Tokens available now? What are the terms? 

Q20. Why are Reflections not showing in Staking Pool? 

Q21. Is Staking based on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR)? Is her a guaranteed APR? 

Q22. How do I participate in farming? 

Q23. Who can I contact if I have any further questions regarding Grove Token? 

Q24. What exchanges will Grove Token be on initially? 

Q26. What are the social web addresses of GroveToken? 


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