GBURN benefits

$GBURN is an assistant token built to enhance not only the GroveCoin ($GRV) digital asset but to empower the complete Grove Ecosystem.

With the entire supply originating solely in the liquidity pool, the current circulating supply of GroveCoin is not  increased by the introduction of GBURN.

In fact, GBURN exists primarily to reduce the $GRV supply through a tokenomics based Buy Back & Burn mechanism, attached to the same liquidity pool as GroveCoin. Giving the otherwise 0% tax GRV a deflationary supply aspect.

This elegant implementation provides multiple benefits; driving price stability, bolstering LP and seeking to enhance overall value of the asset through supply reduction and buy back actions.

Additionally, GBURN's launch is expected to attract new interest to our ecosystem, offering fresh investment and promotional opportunities.

GBURN will be 100% DeFi with ownership renounced post-launch and a securely locked liquidity pool it stands to robustly support and positively impact GroveCoin's market presence into the future.

Smart Contract

BSC: 0x7e5cF1F395846AB2c13eba2e6953b54B92a80BbD
ETH: 0x4eEa762311BE76f9071aa01058C047ad12A017A1

Available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and planned for expansion to Ethereum (ETH) and Grove (GRV) Chains.

Swap availability

GBURN will be accessible on PancakeSwap, Uniswap and GroveSwap platforms.

Supply & Tokenomics

- Total Supply: 100,000,000  
All $GBURN Tokens originate in the Liquidity Pool until bought with no native Circulating Supply
- 3% Tax on Buy and SellAllocated to Buy Back & Burn of GroveCoin ($GRV)
- No Marketing Funds
- Fair Launch- Multisig Owned for maximum investor peace of mind

Grove Buy Back and Burn

The BNB accrued from taxes on GBURN will be stored in our Multisig wallet, and will be utilized for purchasing and burning GroveCoin.

BSC :0xf2326eFE1D84F6b5cAf6239d7594DB01a67bCA94
ETH :0xC643092ECFEA0c703793793AB83Ed48FFBD14411


Prioritizing the security and safety of our community is paramount in our actions. With this commitment in mind, we are delighted to announce that the GBURN contract has been thoroughly audited and has achieved a 100% safety score, ensuring a secure experience for our users.